Credit card program for large organizations, offers complete purchasing accounting service.

P-Cards are currently in use by Corporations, Educational institutions, Churches and Nonprofits.

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P-Card - One Card Does it All

Community Link has lined up organizations interested in providing increased community development funds along with additional resources and access for higher education, starting with our P-card system offering 3 ways for our partners:

  • Transaction rewards (similar to consumer rewards cards but for institutional purchasing averaging 1%)
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Vendor discounts averaging 3%
  1. No annual card fees - Experience no hidden charges with rebate potential for qualifying customers
  2. Liability Waiver Protection program Receive $100,000 protection, per instance, from misuse
  3. Automatic travel accident insurance and emergency travel services - Provide added security for cardholders
  4. Cost savings - Decrease costs associated with the processing of checks and invoices
  5. Flexible authorization system and cardholder spending controls
  6. Easy integration with accounting and payment systems - Eliminate many manual processes such as data entry and filing
  7. Worldwide acceptance - Obtain unparalleled purchasing access
  8. No cost online web-based card management tools
  9. Full automated reporting and complete expense management - Robust ad-hoc reporting capabilities and more than300 standard reports available in multiple extract formats (CSVExcel- HTML- SQL- Tab Delimited Fixed Width- XML)
  10. Simplified Accounts Payable process - Monitor preferred supplier spending and negotiate pricing
  11. Corporate Billing (Industry Best Practice) or Corporate Billing with flexibility for Individual Billing, all under the protection of corporate liability - Manage corporate expenses while holding employees accountable for prompt payment
  12. Tax and compliance management support - Eliminate most issues associated with 1099 reporting
  13. Policy compliance and control
  14. 24-hour customer service - Receive assistance whenever it is needed The card provides access to the Visa® worldwide networks with acceptance at millions of merchant locations and ATMs. Ensures your employees access to goods, services and cash around the globe — eliminating the need for more costly alternatives such as cash or cash advances. Additionally, detailed transaction data is captured on every purchase

P-CARD -- When a customer using the clf purchasing card receives rebates, the effect is to essentially reduce the cost of what is purchased. Some companies may choose to record this incoming cash as miscellaneous income while others may choose to credit the expense, such as cost of goods sold. This rebate would either be considered as an increase in income or a reduction of expense. If the net rebate amount were donated to a charity, such as the United Way, a Promise Zone, or some other exempt entity, the customer would have a charitable deduction, subject to the contribution limitations. By giving the rebates to a qualifying charity, assuming a fully deductible contribution, the customer has made contributions without using any of their operating funds and still given to the causes they normally support. It is a win-win result, with the customer still having the same cash and profit as before, the charities getting their funds, and the customer no longer making cash out-of-pocket contributions.